What and who?

Crop Innovation Denmark (CID) is a public-private partnership established in 2013.

CID partners include:

DLF, Nordic Seed, Sejet Plant Breeding, Danespo, University of Copenhagen, University of Aarhus and The Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

The scope of CID is to prioritize and coordinate new strategic and relevant initiatives within plant breeding research, innovation and education.  

The Board

Asbjørn Børsting, director DAKOFO, Chair of the CID board

Erik Østergaard Jensen, AU, Vice chair of the CID board

Svend Christensen, Vice chair of the CID board

Ahmed Jahoor, Nordic Seed

Birger Eriksen, Sejet Plant breeding

Jens Holstborg, Danespo

Kim Bonde Petersen, Nordic Seed

Klaus K. Nielsen, DLF

Lars Næsted, Danespo

Morten Andersen Linnet, Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Truels Damsgaard, DLF



The Secretariat

Claus Saabye Erichsen

P: +45 3374 6676
D: +45 2488 3932
M: cse@dakofo.dk